Online Therapy

Why Choose Online Therapy?

Online therapy is private, convenient, and portable! It can be the best of both worlds; you can get great care AND keep your privacy.

TelehealthThis format is especially helpful for clients with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, or concerns about privacy. During this time when social distancing (due to COVID19) is strongly encouraged, it is a great way to meet and/or maintain your mental health needs! This platform is HIPAA compliant, which means your privacy is 100% guaranteed. Additionally, it is very convenient for college students who may not be in Bowling Green during breaks from school, or who go to college outside of the Bowling Green area.


1. Kentucky is a large state and it can be hard to find the right therapist in your area. This is especially true if you are looking for a Christian therapist. Online therapy brings the therapist to you.

2. Physical limitations can make getting to or keeping appointments difficult. There are lots of reasons why a person might not be able to come to the office: illness, transportation, distance, no babysitter, weather, etc. Online therapy can help you keep appointments in order to maintain continuity of care.


1. Online therapists have trouble responding immediately in a crisis situation. For example, I will always make note of your location and contact number before sessions begin because this mobile format means you can log-in to sessions from any location. I need to be able to get emergency personnel to you if any kind of a health event occurs (ie: seizure, heart attack, etc).

2. Online therapy is not recommended for serious psychiatric illnesses. There are instances where online therapy is not as beneficial and healing for some clients as in-office therapy would be.

3. Online therapy can sometimes miss important information. The missed information is primarily body movements/body language that are important keys in the conversation that we have together.

You can schedule an online therapy session today! If you have any questions or concerns about online therapy, please let us know.