Client Testimonials

Real Testimonies of Hope

"I am so thankful for this group of people at CFI. They helped me through a very difficult time in my life." --B.P. 

AppleBlossoms"It is hard to put into words the profound effect and positive impact that Dr. Kathy Roepke has had on my life. When I first met Kathy, I was in the darkest place I had ever been in my life. She has helped me to see that I am not worthless and that no matter what I have been through, I can make a better life for myself and be happy within myself. Her patient, calm and understanding manner made it very clear in the beginning that she was the right therapist for me. I am truly grateful for meeting such a kind and gentle gifted person. Thank you Dr. Kathy Roepke for helping me and for changing my life!" 

"I have been seeing Dr. Rick Roepke and it has simply been amazing. He is friendly, encouraging, professional, and most of all very effective. He has helped me place the issues in my life into a perspective that has allowed me to address them and cope with them in ways I wouldn't have thought possible. Best of all, the therapy is grounded in the teachings of Christ, allowing me to work through things within the context of my faith." --J.N.

"My wife and I were counseled by Rick - we actually made our date nights coincide with our counseling sessions! My wife and I found the sessions with Rick to be a great bonding experience working through the issues we had as a couple and individually. Our marriage has been strengthened by this experience and have found that the healing practices taught by Rick have become life practices for us. It can be intimidating to share your personal life with someone, however it is truly refreshing to share or unload with a professional who shows genuine care and concern for you individually and as a couple, without judgement!" --J. & A.

“When I started having several problems with physical and mental health I went to several different doctors looking for an answer. During this time my stress level became unbearable and I felt very lost and confused. My husband and I were actively praying that God would show us His plan.

One day I had an appointment with my family doctor and he made a recommendation for me to see someone that I could talk to about my life. He also said that if I didn't eliminate my stress I would not be alive in five years. After the shock of his statement I got in my car and just drove, crying and praying “God help me. I need You!” While I was driving I really felt led to research and find a Christian doctor who could help me learn Scripture to direct my path of living. As I researched Christian doctors in the area God led me to the Christian Family Institute.

I decided to call CFI and Rhonda answered the phone. She had a voice that was comforting and I immediately felt safe. I shared my struggles and my desire to find the right doctor and she recommended that I see Dr. Rick Roepke. My husband and I went to meet with Dr. Rick Roepke that next morning and we knew immediately that this was God's plan and the answer I was looking for.

Dr. Rick Roepke has the unique ability to lead with Scripture and give wise direction to help you in any situation. He is a wonderful person that truly desires to see individuals get better and live life abundantly! It has been hard work on my part but there has been great improvement every day.

My stress level has drastically improved, I am laughing again, and I am eager to keep getting better. My family and friends see the change. I give God all the credit for answering my prayers and sending me to an amazing place! Dr. Rick Roepke and his wife Kathy Roepke are very kind and dedicated to working hard for their clients. If you are looking for help in life, I would truly recommend Christian Family Institute.